Book-keeping, assistance and supervision of accounting are our core businesses. Our firm has a powerful accounting system that will allow you to make your tax returns on time and in the appropriate manner.

The types of accounting missions we conduct are

The purpose of the accounting assistance mission is to support

The accounting department of your company. We use our accounting and not auditor skills for

collecting, classifying and summarizing accounting and financial information. This leads us

usually to synthesize detailed information in a form that is understandable and

exploitable without being bound by the obligation to check the statements on which

This information is based on the term “Accounting Assistance”.

We are not required to provide insurance on this financial information.

Our firm carries out the book keeping mission in accordance with the legal texts and

regulations and the provisions of the standards of the Chartered Accountants Association.

The objective of an accounting supervision mission is to base

due diligence procedures that do not implement all the procedures required for an audit or

limited examination, to ensure that there is no evidence capable of calling into question the

consistency of the annual accounts of the entity established under the responsibility of the management

in accordance with the accounting standards applicable to it.

This mission is characterized in particular by the existence of a structure internal to the entity in

responsibility for maintaining the accounts or outsourcing this function entrusted to another


This mission often includes various services including in particular and in a non

limiting the following works:

  • Periodic or interim review of accounting records;
  • Periodic or interim review of the tax and social statements made by the entity,

in some cases, to make statements;

  • Review, assistance and / or conduct of year-end closing;
  • Control of payroll and social statements;
  • the maintenance of the legal secretariat;
  • Etc.

This diversity embodies the risk of confusion between real work of review and

verification of information or documents produced by the entity and simple

preparation of accounting or tax documents.

The diversity and commitment of the accountant as part of this work, as

concerned with its responsibility and its image, requires the standardization of

diligences to be rolled out in order to allow him to carry out properly his


To this end, it takes into account the responsibilities incumbent on it, which derive from the texts

laws and regulations as well as the code of professional duties mentioned above.

Outsource payroll and keep confidential.

Our firm is responsible for preparing the wages to be paid at the end of the month, and provides for this purpose:

  • Pay Slips
  • Payroll logs
  • Accounting entries (OD)
  • The CNSS declaration on DAMANCOM
  • The declaration of the Pension contribution or other pension organization
  • Payment of Income Tax
  • Preparation of the Annual Declaration of Salaries and Wages (Form 9421)
  • Tele-declaration and telepayment of various taxes
  • Monthly closing
  • Consolidation